Salvador Escoda and Accesorios Elasticos Lesol have been collaborating for 25 years to provide the best service to their customers.

Both family companies, with a history of more than 40 years, combine their extensive experience and dedication to service to offer solidity, guarantee and quality. That is why they are market leaders.

Salvador Escoda distributes all kinds of materials for installations. It specializes in air conditioning equipment, domestic, commercial and industrial installations. With 4 logistic warehouses equivalent to 30.000m2 and almost 90 points of sale distributed throughout the country, they offer the market more than 70,000 product references in permanent stock, technical assistance service and advice to installers.

The quality and reliability of Mundoclima® equipment gives it a reputation as a proven brand in the market, with technical assistance throughout Spain and Taller del Clima, with more than 15,000 references in accessories and spare parts for the equipment. The quality-price ratio is the best in the market, which is why they are the leader in domestic air conditioning sales.

Mundoclima® provides efficient solutions that incorporate the latest technologies such as the latest generation of aerothermal equipment Mundoclima Aerotherm or Mundoclima heat recuperators, which operate through renewable energy sources.

Mundoclima® products emphasize energy savings, high efficiency and low noise levels, characteristics of the brand that are added to the traditional optimum quality/price ratio and after-sales service to form a range of products capable of adapting to any need with total guarantee. It is the result of constant market research by division heads and product managers, the consolidation of product ranges that evolve to meet the new needs that arise and that respond to the values of the Mundoclima® brand.

The silentblocks from LESOL, absorb vibrations and reduce the potential noise of the condensing units. They also have the function of protecting the equipment’s bracket.

Vibration, shock and noise are reduced to 99% by our anti-vibration mount that helps to prolong the abrasion of equipment and bracket produced by the stress of vibrations over time.