We maintain our commitment to quality and excellence in the manufacturing of flexible mounts for propulsion or auxiliary machinery.

Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore has thoroughly evaluated our facilities and quality procedures, confirming that they meet the stringent requirements of the BV MODE II scheme according to NR320. This certificate is a testament to our dedication to providing the highest quality products for the marine industry.

🔹 Key Points of Having the Marine Certificate:

  • 🔒 Trust and Security: Our products have been validated by one of the most prestigious certification entities in the world.
  • ✅ Superior Quality: The certification guarantees that our SCC, SCR, and SCM parts meet the highest international standards.
  • 💡 Innovation and Technology: At Lesol, we are always at the forefront of advanced manufacturing technologies and practices.

We are ready to continue offering reliable and efficient solutions for our clients in the marine industry.

Thank you for trusting Lesol.