Spring or rubber sustianers, manufactured with steel, helicoidal springs and Synthetic Fireproof Rubber.

Metal and rubber ceiling suspensions

Lesol SUTAINER mountings are designed as ceiling supports for the isolation of noises, shocks and vibrations at the generating source (ACTIVE ISOLATION).

They are also indicated for the protection of false acoustic ceilings against the transmission of noises, vibrations and shocks (PASIVE ISOLATION).

Sustainers - Spring sustainer - SUSTAINER TM/TV

Sustainers - Rubber sustainer - SUSTAINER TVAD-DS/TVA/TVAD10/TVAR/TVAPL

Sustainers - Rubber sustainer - SUSTAINER TPA/TPB

Sustainers - spring sustainer - SUSTAINER TGM

Sustainers - rubber sustainer - SUSTAINER TG

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