Silentblock dampers manufactured with steel and different types of rubber, mainly synthetics.

Metal and rubber silentblock shock absorbers

Rubber are IIR, NBR and NR or high quality compounds resistant to acids and oil derivatives, for working temperatures between -40ºC and 130ºC.

Main references are articulated levelling feet made in steel and stainless steel, besides a complementary range to Lesol products.

Its different geometric configurations allow a wide range of applications.

Machine mounts - Machine base - M800/M800 INOX/M700

Machine mounts - Machine base - M600

Machine mounts - Machine base - M600R/M600T

Antivibration mat - Rubber block - M940/M950/M

Antivibration mat - Rubber block - M910/M915/921

Antivibration mat - Rubber block - M980/M970

Elastic mounts - M400

Antivibration dampers silentblock - Diabolo dampers - 1000 DISCOBOLO

Antivibration mat - Rubber block - STABREN

Antivibration dampers silentblock - TP-M

Antivibration dampers silentblock - 1100

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