Antivibration solutions
Acoustic and vibration isolation, shock protection

Rubber – Metal parts

These antivibration mounts are made of staple material in steel and different kind of rubber.

Spring isolators

Range of low frequency, compression loaded, antivibration steel spring isolators. Particularly efficient in units having low forcing frequency.


Spring or rubber sustainers, manufactured with steel, helicoidal springs and Synthetic Fireproof Rubber.

Stainless steel isolators

Stainless Steel Antivibration isolators composed of different kinds of helicoidal springs and metal parts.


Silentblock dampers manufactured with steel and different types of rubber, mainly synthetics.

Avoid power decrease thanks to our antivibration mounts

Production process

All rubber compounds are stored in a cold chamber at a temperature between 9 – 12 ºC, to prevent pre-vulcanisation.
Gives a cylindrical form to the rubber with diameters applicable to finished product dimensions
Gives a pitted surface to metal parts increasing surface area and enhancing rubber-metal bonding strenght.
Metal pieces automatically recieve two coatings of adhesive solution guaranteeing appropriate rubber-metal adherence.
We use 200-400 tonne vulcanisation presses.
All finished products are stocked safely on Lesol premises to exacting company specifications.

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